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Nutritional Solutions to Mood Imbalances

103_0357Almost every Canadian experiences some form depression or anxiety in their life time. Depression is experienced by more women than men. Men are less likely to seek help for depression. Forty percent of alcoholics suffer from depression or other mood imbalances.

A quote from “The Dragonfly” by Moragh Lippert, aspiring author:

“Even though I have twice been diagnosed as clinically depressed, I did not need to rely on the ‘solution’ of the past. Instead, I addressed the physical disorders and nutritional deficiencies that manifested as mood disorders and depression. Working with a skilled Naturopath, I started deep healing through supplement therapy and holistic nutrition. The success of this has been an integral reason that I chose to became an RHN.”

~ Moragh Lippert, The Dragonfly an excerpt from Sharing: our stories; our selves, our success

The quote above was the first time that I described publicly about my addictive tendencies, abuse, depression, exhaustion and anxiety. Healing from depression and anxiety has been a painful and challenging journey.  The light went on when I realized I could heal from these issues with dietary and lifestyle changes. You can too.

Mood disorders are caused by many things. There is a definite link to imbalances in the body’s chemistry, digestive disorders, allergies and nutrient deficiencies. These deficiencies and damage to the gut causes problems in the metabolism and absorption of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids that make proteins.

Our brains stop operating properly, our Spirit falls and our immune system crashes. The body can’t make important neurotransmitters like serotonin, the feel good neurotransmitter or melatonin the one that ensures proper sleep.

At Guided Holistics, we use Holistic Nutrition and Bioenergetics to help people establish proper dietary habits, stress relief and balance. With these changes, clients feel better, their body comes back into harmony they and start to feel balanced and well.

The Guided Holistics Nutritional Solution to Addiction and Mood Imbalance program integrates Holistic and Spiritual Nutrition with Meditation, enabling clients to love themselves and rebalance nutritionally, release toxins and re-harmonize. As a result of this program, clients find mood balance and resolve unhealthy patterns while building physical vitality, balanced weight, improved stress management, more self esteem and more fulfilling relationships.

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