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Below are details about the sessions I offer. If you need more details please contact me.

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Holistic Nutrition and Bioenergetics

Initial Consultation  ~ 2 hrs $198+HST Includes health assessment, supplement review, dietary recommendations, Iridology (Iridology if time allows) and 1 session of Bioenergetics. You will leave with an Individualized Plan with lifestyle and nutrition goals and your specific Functional Medicine Food Plan.

Mini Initial Session ~ 1 hr $135+HST Includes mini health assessment, supplement review, dietary recommendations, 1 session of Bioenergetics.

Follow Up Sessions

  • 30 minutes $77
  • 45 minutes $88
  • 60 minutes $122
  • 75 minutes $150
  • 90 minutes: $165

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Optimal Health and Ideal Weight with Keto, Low Carb High Fat & Intermittent Fasting 4 Week Series Nov 1-22nd 2018

This unique Series offers weight balance and health improvement strategies not offered in any other series. Are your tired of YOYO dieting and feeling sick? IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOUR WEIGHT AND YOUR LIFE, THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR YOU! Learn  how to FINALLY loose weight AND KEEP IT OFF using your best weight loss option. This Keto/Low Carb lifestyle is a excellent way to also INCREASE ENERGY and BRAIN POWER, IMPROVE SLEEP, REDUCE INFLAMMATION, BALANCE BLOOD SUGAR and achieve OPTIMAL HEALTH. 
Here are some of the many BENEFITS that participants have experienced with this program:
  • sustained weight loss
  • improved gut health
  • more energy, improved brain power
  • balanced blood sugar
  • improved confidence
  • better sleep
  • reduced pain and inflammation
  • improved mental outlook, better mood
  • Functional Medicine Nutritional Education and support from me to keep you on track including one on on personalized health Coaching with Keto Expert, Functional Medicine Health Coach and Holistic Nutritionist Moragh Lippert
  • A Community of Like Minded people for ongoing support and sharing
  • Comprehensive Functional Medicine Nutritional personalized options to help you succeed including
    • Individualized Whole food plan – easy to follow with 7 Day Meal Plan, Shopping Guide and Recipes
    • No calorie counting or weighing of food
  • Other proven and leading edge optional strategies available (I will help you ascertain which is best for you)
    • Low Carb, High Fat, Moderate Protein aka LCHF
    • Nutritional Ketosis
    • Meat Free Keto
    • Clean Whole Food
    • Intermittent Fasting

Details: To help you succeed and make this sustainable lifestyle change to ensure YOUR BEST SUCCESS

  • 4 in person class and support group sessions (4 classes) from 7:15-9:00 PM  Location: Body of Health, Guelph
  • Find out the best plan for you including Keto, Meat Free Keto, Low Carb, High Fat Moderate Protein and/or optimal Intermittent Fasting
  • Share with a like minded community in person for support, set goals, share challenges, recipes and wins
  • One-on-One 60 minute Individual Coaching Session with Moragh to be booked at times mutually convenient time. These sessions can be in person at Body of Health, via telephone or online
  • There is no expiry date for the Individual Coaching Sessions however it is advised to have the coaching sessions program to provide you with support from me and keep the momentum. You will also receive ongoing  support from me via text, email or telephone as needed.
Based on the sound research of Holistic Nutrition and IFM Functional Medicine Health Coaching Principals, this new and unique series is Series is for you.  SPACE IS LIMITED REGISTER NOW.

Bioenergetics & Food Sensitivity Assessment

Initial Consultation  ~ 1 hrs $140+HST Includes health assessment for Food and or Environmental Sensitivities, and Bioenergetics. We will also so supplement review to ensure your body is recognizing your supplements. Recommendations will be made to heal the stressors causing sensitivities.

Follow Up Sessions

  • 30 minutes: $77
  • 45 minutes: $88
  • 60 minutes: $122

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Iridology Consultation

  • 60 minutes: $140

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Freedom from Smoking Consultation

  • 60 minutes $140.00

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Stress Reduction Meditation

  • 60 minutes: $98 (private session)

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Corporate Sessions & Speaking Engagements

We are thrilled to come to your work place or event to inspire others to learn how to eat healthier, de-stress, help with addictive tendencies and mood disorders, attain healthy weight and/or make positive lifestyle choices for sustainable and vibrant living! For more information contact us.

Insurance Coverage: Holistic Nutrition sessions with Moragh Lippert, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, RHN/RNCP/ROHP #OM12-029 Certified Natural Therapy Practitioner (BNMDP-NA) Reg. #2928-103 may be eligible for medical insurance coverage. Check with your insurance provider.