Guided Holistics

Welcome to Guided Holistics!  

Specialist in nutritional and life changing solutions for digestive, body and mood imbalances, addictive tendencies, stress and exhaustion. 

I started Guided Holistics to help provide clients with an INTEGRATED and INDIVIDUALIZED approach to healing mind, body and spirit. Everyone is biochemically unique and deserves unique and individualized guidance to help them transform their lives.

Using Holistic Nutrition, Bioenergetics, Functional Medicine Health CoachingIridology and Stress Reduction, I help you address your health concerns. You CAN feel well! You CAN resolve sensitivities and imbalances! You CAN recover from addictive tendencies and mood imbalances! I support you and your body’s innate healing ability to rebalance itself through nutritional, lifestyle, and behavioural transformations.

No matter what your health challenge: anxiety, depression, addictive tendencies, exhaustion, pain, inflammation, hormonal and reproductive imbalances, excess weight, food, environmental and chemical sensitivities, sugar cravings and blood sugar imbalances, auto immune disease…I can help you.

EVERYONE has the ability to heal themselves when given the right knowledge, tools and support. You are standing on the precipice of changing your health destiny. Are you ready to start? Go ahead, take the plunge! I’ll be with you all the way.

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