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About Guided Holistics

I started my company, Guided Holistics, to help people change their health destiny. I help people return to vibrant health and learn to love themselves again.

All disorders have a nutritional deficiency and biochemical imbalance at their core. I help clients rebalance themselves using a holistic or integrated approach. I practice Functional Holistic Nutrition. This is based on Functional Medicine which purports that all people are capable of being 100% balanced and healthy given the proper support and conditions. Using Functional Holistic Nutrition based on Functional Medicine I work to find the root cause of your imbalance not just manage symptoms.

What is holistic healing through Functional Medicine? It is an approach to healing that takes the entire person into consideration; not just a specific body part or system. My passion is to help individuals truly achieve their physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health goals and realize their magnificent potential.

When we are “wholistically” healthy we are more balanced and live with love, abundance and joy. When we feed our bodies well with fresh, clean, nutritious foods; have a vibrant and balanced lifestyle, let go of unhealthy patterns and behaviours and become truly healthful, we are positioned to live full and vibrant lives instead of just existing. With true health we engage in our lives with joy and energy and contribute more to ourselves, our families, our jobs and our community.

With the holistic approach of inter-connectedness, we are able to manage stress and recover from dis-ease while living in a state of harmony with our bodies and our world.

About Moragh Lippert

I have been on a healing journey for over 30 years. While dealing with my own health challenges, I came to realize that using an integrated approach to nurturing the body, mind and spirit is the most effective way to heal. Eventually, I left a 25 year career in the financial industry to obtain the appropriate education and follow my true calling – to help people heal themselves and CHANGE THEIR HEALTH DESTINY!

In my practice, I use experience, education, insight and deep compassion. I meet each client where they are and create individualized solutions that are effective, practical and sustainable.

I work with clients with myriad health challenges. I specialize in helping those with addictive patterns, compulsive behaviours and mood imbalances including depression, anxiety, fear and fatigue.

I was voted #1 Nutritionist by Guelph Tribune readers for the last 3 years! I practice as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN),  a Registered Bioenergetics (BIE) Practitioner and Certified Iridologist. I am a Stress Reduction Guide and use many tools to help clients relax and re-centre including meditation, mindfulnss, Kundalini Yoga and breathwork to help clients reduce anxiety, tension, stress and dis-ease. *please see below for my accreditation and insurance details

If you are fed up and would like help from someone who has education AND experience in healing and letting go of the harmful patterns of addiction, dis-ease, anxiety and depression, contact me and we can chat about how you can bring healing, recovery and wholeness into your life.

Moragh B. Lippert, Registration Numbers and Accreditation Details:

*Many private health plans cover my services. Check with your health care provider (they will need my credentials and registration numbers), here they are:

  • Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner (ROHP) and Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (RNCP) number N499712 Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
  • Board of Natural Medicine Doctors & Practitioners (North America) Naturotherapy Practitioner Registration #2928-103
  • IONC International Organization of Nutritional Consultants, Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioners (ROHP) & Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioners (RNCP) Registration #OM12-029
  • Registered Bioenergetics Practitioner, INHT Institute of Health Technologies, Oakville, ON
  • Certified Iridologist IHN Institute of Holistic Nutrition
  • Graduate Beyond Addiction //
  • Level 1 Kundalini Yoga Teacher, KRI Kundalini Research Institute

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