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What people are saying about the guidance, coaching, and support they received:

“Since working with Moragh I have the energy and focus to accomplish things and end sugar cravings. After a short time with Moragh’s guidance, I feel my body and mind getting healthier every day.”~ Michele, Chef & Pilates Instructor

“Almost a year ago I started having major allergy symptoms. I  found Moragh who helped me with Bioenergetics (BIE), changing my diet and healing my body. I can eat food again and not get sick. Now I’m back at work and life is great. I highly recommend Moragh Lippert.” ~Morgan, Business Owner

“I had suffered from systematic Lupus for over 10 years. I am so blessed to have Moragh by my side encouraging and guiding me every step of the way. My life has literally turned around. My energy has soared; my pain has diminished. I’m actually living life instead of being bedridden. Moragh offers hope for an autoimmune disease that seemed to be a hopeless battle. The results have surpassed anything I could have ever imagined.” ~ Silvia, Youth & Addiction Counsellor


“As a beginner, I appreciated and enjoyed being introduced to a variety of meditation techniques like a “banquet” of meditation options – chakras, metta phrases, guided meditations and the forgiveness meditations were excellent. Moragh was an excellent guide!” ~ Dominique, Owner Communications Company

“Moragh, you’ve helped make me aware of everything I eat and feed my family and to make better choices for the rest of our lives. I’m grateful to have met you and will be sure to recommend you to family and friends. I’ve already referred you to a friend today! Thanks again, you’re awesome!”~ Carole, Busy Mom


“Moragh was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and supportive as I searched for ways to address digestive problems. The case history she took was thorough… as were her recommendations. It was truly wholistic/holistic – we explored healthy eating, patterns around sleep, stress, faith, and many other areas, including shopping, reading labels, and non-toxic household products. Throughout our sessions together, I experienced Moragh as compassionate and ever-ready to assist me on my journey towards health and wellness. I highly recommend her!”
Sue C.
United Church Minister

“Moragh made me feel welcomed, comfortable, and at ease. The atmosphere was calming as well as soothing. She explained to me everything I needed to know! I will continue to see Moragh for my treatments and will continue to look forward to each and every treatment!!!! Thank you Moragh” ~ Jessica, Service Support Rep.

“Talking about our eating habits and how they might change for the better is a conversation that can be fraught with emotional potholes. Moragh brings a truly gentle acceptance to her conversations about food and health. She invites us to share our concerns, understands our weaknesses and congratulates us on our strengths. Moragh is also clear about her clients being in the driver’s seat in highlighting the various paths that we might choose and how she can help us to build the strong bodies that we all want.”~ Anne, Non-profit Consultant

“Moragh is a truly gifted intermediary and healer. Expect to do soul work.”
~ Gwyneth, Holistic Healer and Artist

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