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What is Bioenergetics?

Bioenergetics (BIE) is a simple, natural and non-invasive modality that enables you to heal yourself and rebalance your body without needles or drugs. I use Stressor Sensitivity Testing to ascertain stressors that are causing you grief.

Anything the body does not recognize is considered a stressor. With Bioenergetics your body is rebalanced and recognizes substances again for what they are instead of being a stressor to your body e.g. vitamin B12, foods or tree pollen. For other substances such as toxins that truly are stressors, BIE helps your body recognize them and deal with them appropriately.

With corrections made, your body is able to connect the dots and come into homeostais (balance) to enable healing.

Clients tell me they have experienced the following BENEFITS from Holistic Nutrition and Bioenergetics:

  • improved energy & vitality
  • clearer thinking, improved mood
  • great digestion, healthy elimination
  • resolution of food and environmental sensitivies
  • relief from chemical stressors/sensitivities
  • sustained weight balance
  • hormonal balance
  • pain relief
  • boosted immune system
  • better sleep
  • increased confidence & self esteem
  • relief from cravings & addictive patterns
  • healthier eating habits
  • reduced stress, greater joy and peace
  • balanced blood sugar
  • lower cholesterol and blood pressure
  • relief from arthritic conditions
  • and so much more!

I specialize in helping clients address these issues and many more. I use a wise and compassionate approach as I work with you to ascertain the best approach for you. My clients tell me they feel support and are say they are empowered to take back their health! They find balance and LASTING CHANGE. Solutions are practical and sustainable.

Watch an information video about BIE on the BIE International Website.

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