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What is Stress Reduction Meditation?

MeditationStress Reduction Meditation is extremely beneficial for people who are stressed out, feel like they can’t slow down or quiet their mind, have health challenges and want to learn how to manage stress.

This meditation encourages release of patterns and behaviours that no longer serve such as negative self talk, addictive behaviour and mindless or emotional eating. Mindless or emotional eating leads to negative relationships with our bodies and food.

Research has shown that meditation can greatly reduce stress and promote healing and emotional wellbeing. Clients are coached and encouraged to make┬álifestyle enhancements and build a period of mindfulness meditation, visualization, stillness or reflection into their daily activities to promote health, deal with stress and generally support living well in today’s world.

Benefits of Meditation/Stillness

  • Reduces stress
  • Helps to end addictive/compulsive tendencies
  • Relief for depression and anxiety
  • Deepens healing
  • Complements energy therapies
  • Positively changes internal and world view
  • Cultivates mindful presence
  • Promotes healthy body, mind and spirit
  • Increases acceptance
  • Promotes body awareness
  • Encourages compassion for self and others
  • And many, many more

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