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New Year Intentions – Weight Balance is That Yours Too?

Posted January 1, 2018 by

weight balance

Find my weight balance. Love myself more. Be healthier. Get into shape.  Laugh more. Promote peace. Have fun. Love more.

 These are my intentions for 2018.  I spent New Year’s Eve with a small group of wonderful friends. We played fun games. We danced and enjoyed great music. We mindfully set “New Year’s Intentions” for the upcoming year. And that is how I arrived at my intentions.

I used to set “New Year’s Resolutions”. Sometimes they worked. Often they did not. There is a LOT of pressure associated with Resolutions. Maybe that’s why they have not worked. That’s why I’m setting Intentions to grow and learn and create and manifest optimal health of Body, Mind Spirit.

Do you set New Year’s Resolutions or Intentions? Weight loss is one of the most popular wish for the upcoming year. I see clients who start off with great desire and some success. And then things change. They loose momentum. They find it too hard. They get discouraged. They loose weight and then gain it back.

If you are in this place and want SUSTAINABLE weight loss and health balance, check out my latest signature program: The Healthy Weight Balance 8 Week Series.

I’m calling it Weight Balance rather than Weight Loss. I believe if we are truly in harmony with our body and have healed our relationship to food we arrive at a healthy, balanced, optimal weight. This program is designed to help you arrive at this place with group and one-on-one support.

This unique Series offers proven and well researched Functional Medicine weight balance strategies not offered in any other program.  Here are some of the many BENEFITS that you may experience with this program:
  • weight loss and the ability to keep your weight stable
  • improved gut health
  • more stamina
  • less stress
  • no more brain fog
  • balanced blood sugar levels that provide increased and consistent energy
  • balanced moods and improved confidence
  • better sleep
  • reduced pain
  • and much more

I wish you fulfillment of all of your intentions. Let me know if I can help you.


Wishing you peace and lots of joy in 2018.

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