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What is this Low Carb High Fat and Keto all about?

Posted September 27, 2018

Do you want to know more about Low Carb, Keto and Intermittent Fasting? Are these a passing fad or Over the past 3 years I have been fascinated with what I’ve been learning about Keto, Low Carb, and  Fasting. I have immersed myself in studying the effects of the Ketogenic “Keto” Lifestyle as well as […]

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How to Survive the Demands and Pitfalls of the Holidays

Posted November 28, 2017

Does just thinking about the holidays cause a knot in your gut? As a Functional Medicine Health Coach, I help people adapt to everyday circumstances that can throw them off their Health Goals. Here are some simple strategies that can help you make it through the season without burn-out or falling big time off your […]

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Enhancing Brain Performance

Posted September 21, 2017

Recently, I had the pleasure of presening my “Enhancing Brain Performance” seminar at Body of Health as part of their Epert Seminar Series. I love this presentation because it is so helpful to almost everyone. I thought I’d capture a few of the highligts on this post. Signs of Poor Brain Performance/Function: Brain fog Poor […]

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Healthy Gut Happy Brain

Posted May 13, 2016

I’m happy to be presenting my Happy Gut Health Brain seminar again. One of the areas we discuss is addictive/compulsive behaviour and how to heal from them for good.       Why do we become addicted or exhibit negative or compulsive behaviour?   There are many reasonys why we fall into addictive tendencies including […]

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Spring cleaning our body and mind

Posted April 14, 2016

  Our body detoxes naturally well in the spring; the season of new growth, new life and rejevination. Cleansing seasonally is one of the best ways to stay well and ensure longevity. We live in a toxic world and our bodies bear the brunt of these toxicities on a daily basis. Signs of a toxic […]

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Seasonal Allergy Help

Posted March 26, 2016

An astonishing 1/3rd of North Americans suffer from food, environmental or chemical sensitivities!!!! Are you one of them? You can get help with Holistic Nutrition and Bioenergetics (BIE). By knowing what to eat and what supplements to take to strengthen your immune system relief is possible! With Bioenergetics (BIE), you can help your body RESET […]

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Releasing the Taskmaster While on Holiday

Posted July 1, 2014

A big part of holiday fun for me is spending significant and rejuvenating time enjoying nature and being active. Eleven days ago, I jumped in my Prius and drove 12 hours to visit my dear friend Gwyneth at her summer home in Le Bic, Quebec. Located on the Gaspe Peninsula, this is a nature lover’s retreat on […]

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Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt

Posted November 6, 2013

  This quote by Mark Twain aptly describes what is happening right now with Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford. The denial and absolute refusal to realize the truth is the typical response of someone who seems to be deeply suffering from addiction and/or alcoholism. My denial started early. I was confronted as a teenager about my […]

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Why is it So Hard to Be?

Posted February 18, 2013

Why does it seem so counter intuitive to do nothing; to just be? To let go of the feeling of needing to do more. Why is it so hard to carve out time in the day for reflection and self care? As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki Master and Meditation Teacher I know self care […]

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Endings & Beginnings: Honouring the Heroes

Posted January 24, 2013

As I reflect on 2012 and review intentions for 2013, I pause to acknowledge and honour the heroes that passed in 2012. So many touched our lives including the 23 year old New Delhi woman, the teachers and students of Newtown, CN and the Rochester, NY volunteer fire fighters. Perhaps these and others who passed […]

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