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Spring cleaning our body and mind

Posted April 14, 2016 by


allergy-reliefOur body detoxes naturally well in the spring; the season of new growth, new life and rejevination. Cleansing seasonally is one of the best ways to stay well and ensure longevity.

We live in a toxic world and our bodies bear the brunt of these toxicities on a daily basis. Signs of a toxic body include: inflammation, extra weight, poor sleep, inability to manage stress, depression, food sensitivities, frequent colds and more. Moragh will help your Change Your Health Destiny by working with you to help you heal your own body, reduce inflammation, balance weight, improve stress management and more.

By detoxing our body, we detox our mind and emotions. Work with a natural health practitioner such as a Reg. Holistic Nutritionist and Bioenergetics Health Pracitioner to detox and destress your body and change your health destiny!

Clients who work with Moragh say:

“Moragh was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and supportive as I searched for ways to address digestive problems. The case history she took was thorough… as were her recommendations. It was truly wholistic/holistic. We explored healthy eating, patterns around sleep, stress, faith, and many other areas, including shopping, reading labels, and non-toxic household products. Throughout our sessions together, I experienced Moragh as compassionate and ever-ready to assist me on my journey towards health and wellness. I highly recommend her!” – Sue C, Minister

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