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Endings & Beginnings: Honouring the Heroes

Posted January 24, 2013 by

As I reflect on 2012 and review intentions for 2013, I pause to acknowledge and honour the heroes that passed in 2012. So many touched our lives including the 23 year old New Delhi woman, the teachers and students of Newtown, CN and the Rochester, NY volunteer fire fighters. Perhaps these and others who passed in the year are helping us to change our collective consciousness. Enabling us to realize our interconnectedness and improve the nature of our relationship with each other and our world.

No doubt you have your own personal hero. Mine is dear friend and mentor of 20+ years, Gwen Scott. In 2012 I watched Gwen deal with a sudden diagnosis and consciously walk through to the end of her life.

Gwen exhibited gratitude, courage, love and joy. She astounded me with her profound acceptance and her ability to stay in the present moment. Her acceptance was not about giving up. It was dealing with  the reality of her situation while making the best of the time that remained. Gwen constantly inspired me with her deep strength and tenacity. She was loved by almost anyone who met her. She continued to support her loved ones and was supported and loved by her amazing family and devoted friends. Gwen intuitively knew when her time was up and proceeded to die as she lived: with mindfulness and grace.

Gwen and Moragh lightened July 2010 IMG_0376Gwen was not perfect and had her moments as we all do, but she was one of the most conscious people I have known. The moment I met Gwen in 1991, I thought “I want what she has!” In my experience, under most circumstances, she was able to stay present and take responsibility for her thoughts, words and actions. She taught me so many things I have no way of listing them all.

Though I often disliked her for it, she called me on my stuff in a compassionate and meaningful way. She showed how to take a leap of faith and to maintain hope in the face of desperation. She sought peace and serenity. She practised radical gratitude and acceptance, forgiveness and transparency in relationship.

Our relationship was a mutually beneficial one and I hope she received as much as she gave. She also attributed her wisdom to The Divine. Our friendship undoubtedly played a huge part in the unfolding of my growth, spiritual expansion and wisdom.

Gwen introduced me to many new ideas and great authors including James Allen, author of As a Man Thinketh. This timeless and practical guide to how we manifest our lives with our thoughts was Gwen’s personal bible. Early in our relationship she gave me a copy of it and pointed out her favourite quote “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” This line that helped ignite the modern self help movement sums up our ability to co-create our world with our thoughts. That gem of knowledge is one of Gwen’s greatest gifts and I try my best to live by it daily.

I will be forever grateful for Gwen and the gifts she gave me. I miss her presence and the ability to pick up the phone to share one of my struggles and obtain another one of her valuable and pragmatic lessons. However, I know that I carry her in my heart every moment. She continues to help me daily as I move through life.

Gwen is one of my all time heroes. I honour her and all the other heroes who are helping us to wake up. May we all be awakened and inspired by the heroes who have gone before us, the heroes in our lives today and heroes of the future. Lets not forget the hero within.

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