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I have had many health and lifestyle challenges that have led me to Holistic Health. I came to the realization that I had to treat ALL of me to REALLY achieve vibrant health and harmony. The integrated approach used in Holistic Health focuses on ALL aspects of health; body, mind and spirit. I’m so blessed and excited to help others reach harmony and health by offering services for Holistic Health through Guided Holistics.

As a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) I understand that each person is biochemically unique. It is never one thing that causes dis-ease but a collection of: genes, nutrition, environment, lifestyle and so on. No one plan will work for everyone. Each person must be treated as an individual. I am blessed with the education and intuitive sense to help people realize their innate ability for true health. I help people see themselves as 100% healthy and how to get there. This may include cleaning up the diet and releasing unhealthy weight. It often includes an eating plan to support Immune function and reduce stress.

Stress and poor digestion are some of the main causes of nutritionally related illness. In fact these are factors in almost all dis-ease. It is so important to embrace what Hippocrates said so many years ago: food be thy medicine and medicine thy food. Food is profound in helping us become well or cause illness.

Stress can be reduced in many ways. Simple, whole, fresh, clean, unprocessed foods support our overtaxed bodies. Meditation and energy therapies such as Reiki can further promote wellness, achieve a healthy weight and reduce the seemingly unending vibration of anxiety and fear. At Guided Holistics, all of these are offered as well as intuitive coaching to help promote great health of body, mind and spirit while managing these lifestyle changes simply and effectively.

Holistic Health is a journey of healing by taking an integrative approach. I am so excited to be following my bliss by offering folks ways to achieve great nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. I started Guided Holistics to help people in their healing journey. This is such an exciting time to be in Holistic Health!

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